The word Gaialit is a derivative of two words. GAIA, goddess, the consciousness of Mother Earth, and LITHOS, rock, stone.

The Gaialit represents a mystical space where four elements of creation dance in many creative combinations and connect to eachother.

Their connection is interpreted through an abstract symbol – also called “Mandala”. It is a sacred geometrical interpretation of the contact between human consciousness and the all-pervading force of Nature.

It opens the door to the field of all possibilities and connects us to our inner, true source. Enjoy this experience!



Gaialit je izpeljanka iz besede GAIA in pomeni boginjo, zavest matere Zemlje ter besede LITHOS, ki predstavlja kamen.  

Gaialit simbolizira prostor, v katerem štirje elementi stvarstva plešejo v ustvarjalnih kombinacijah. in se povezujejo. 

Njihovo povezovanje je interpretirano skozi abstraktni simbol – mandalo, ki predstavlja vzpostavljanje stika med zavestjo človeka in vse-prežemajočo silo Narave.
Odpira vrata v polje vseh možnosti in nas povezuje z našim notranjim, resničnim virom. Uživajte v tej izkušnji!

Water Air Earth Fire

The four elements connect us with the energy of nature on a sub-conscious level, supporting us in grounding our own energy.


Pebbles with a hand-painted unique symbols of elemental forces, who co-created it (earth, water, fire, air). See more here.

Quantum field connection

A tool for personal transformation and a book of wisdom that offers insight into everyday questions and practical answers to them.

four elements products

Unique products with symbols of the four elements help us in a stronger  connection to Earth energy and thus with the energy of ourselves.

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Recent examples of personalized Gaialites

The balancing force

Part of the personalized message of the stone … Allowing yourself to be relaxed and open, a channel for receiving the energy of your higher self opens within you. This is the way to receive intuitive messages and insights from the high vibrational realms. This high vibrational energy (in a symbolic form of water)

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Fractals of compassion

Part of the personalized message of the stone: … You are a person brave enough, to be prepared to explore the situation to the core, so you get the full package of available potential, to be able to understand what others have to go through in their lives. This generates compassion towards self and others

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Joyous flow

Part of the personalized message of the stone The symbol represents your elevated frequency, where you understand that the emotional part is the important one and the mental part is just directing you into it, revealing feelings about a given situation. By embracing these feelings and allowing them to be part of who you

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Pearl Glow

Part of the personalized message of the stone: … You are a bringer of transformative healing energy into aspects of life, where there is still a certain density because of unresolved old energy patterns. You carry an inner beauty of compassion which activates you to dive into this energy patterns, able to change the pain

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Sacred frequencies

Part of the personalized message of the stone: … In order to feel fulfilled, you need creative communication, leading you out of the box. But to preserve creativity in your communication, you have to be constantly updated with new possibilities that are available, so you can include them and have the feeling of a constant

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The Sacred Seed

Part of the personalized message of the stone … Energy is always ready to burst into life, if the circumstances are right, like a seed, filled with life force, shooting from the depths of earth through the surface into daylight. The symbol helps to create life supporting environment for your energy to start growing

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“Gaialit is much more than a stone. It establishes a connection on an incredible level. The one I have on my own reflects the sacred healing energy of the ancient site of New Grange in Ireland, which is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. "
G. LYONS | Irska
“These are sacred stones. I have two Gaialites bearing symbols of fire and air. They provide answers to all my questions. This is something that cannot be described in words. "
J. P. | Slovenija
The Gaialit stone is a transformational tool of new energy. In the same way as the Stargate. People who allow this energy to touch them can change their lives and the changes can be immediate. "
Guide - Stargate


DANIJEL TRSTENJAK & SANDRA LAMUT – We are partners in life and creativity, which provides us with resources for life. We have established the Gaialit and Connected brands, which are based on our core values: coexistence with nature and personal development. The process lasted several years of observation and interaction between nature, oneself and others. The so-called modern way of life, with its beating pace, sometimes causes us to lose touch with our sense of self and the present moment, and by losing that connection, we lose the grounding that is key to personal evolution.
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