Purified Energy Crystals : How to live a more conscious life

Art is more than an expression of creative energy, it’s an expression of the soul. The soul is
infinite, unbound, and powerful, and when you tap into this energy you can transform your
Did you know you can use art to tap into your soul’s energy? Symbols hold powerful energy, and
using them in your daily practice or keeping them in your space is a great way to gain access to
specific forms of energy.
When these symbols are painted or etched onto energy crystals, this amplifies their power. In
this article, you’ll discover the power of symbols, oracle decks, and cleansing tools to clear your
space and empower your life.

Accepting What You Have, Not What You Lack

Acceptance is the key to obtaining your desires. Your focus is the key to unlocking the door to
what you want to achieve. In order to experience your highest potential, you have to make
peace and accept where you’re at today.
When you compare where you are with where you want to be, you emphasize the space
between these two states. Live in the moment and experience the wonder that exists in the
Many times, people lose themselves in the motion of their day to day responsibilities and
obligations. This takes them out of alignment with their true self, the source self.

Without a strong connection to your source you’re unable to exist within your power. That’s why
having tools to center yourself and reconnect with your source are essential.
As mentioned previously, art or symbols hold power. This power can be transferred onto positive
energy crystals to help you live a more conscious life. Sure, you can use actual crystals for
energy, or you can use energy cards.
Energy cards contain pictures of energetic inspiration. This oracle deck helps guide you
throughout life’s challenges and keep you present.
If you’re unsure how to learn to accept a specific aspect of your life, you can draw an oracle
card to help point you in the right direction. As you use energy cards, you energize the symbols
within your own life, helping to ignite certain energies and open pathways that would otherwise
be closed.

Understand Your Impact on Others Through Conscious Intent

What is a conscious life without reflecting on how you affect others? It’s easy to go through the
motions of your day only focused on how you think or feel. To live a truly conscious life it’s
important to become fully aware of how you affect the world around you.
Conscious intent means making conscious decisions, not going with the motion. It’s easy to get
stuck in auto-pilot, but this takes you out of your own empowerment.
Your intent is how you send out energy. When you go to the store, do you have a specific intent
to find all of the items you’re looking for? Or, do you go to the store and just make due with what
you can find.
When you use your intent, it creates a more enjoyable experience for you because you become
conscious of what you want out of life and send out the necessary energy to experience it.
What situation or experience are you unable to let go of? Are you fully aware of how you
participated in the situation? Are you conscious of how your actions affected the other person?
The oracle deck of positive energy crystals is one way you can use art to become more
conscious of your intent. You can use this deck to ask questions about the situation at hand and
how the other person received your energy.
It’s important to identify the deeper energy in every experience, which an oracle deck can help
you achieve. On a soul level, you are connected to and an extension of your external world.
That means, on a soul level, you only want the best for yourself and others. Sometimes,
depending on the situation and the relationship, the human means of confrontation can cloud

the core desire of the soul. The Gailit Oracle Deck uses artwork, painted stones, and quantum
astrology to give you a clear understanding of the experience at its core.

How to Absorb Positive Energy

Positive energy is always around you. You mostly hear about how to get rid of negative energy,
but sometimes, cultivating positive energy is even more impactful.
In order to live a conscious life you need positive energy. Think of yourself as a battery. When
you’re fully charged, you’re in perfect alignment with your soul or source. When you’re depleted,
you’re out of alignment and acting from your lower senses.
One way to absorb positive energy is by working with energy crystals. Crystals or stones,
especially those that contain symbols, resonate at an extremely high frequency. You can absorb
this energy by simply holding these crystals or stones in your hand.
Another way to absorb positive energy is by keeping “batteries” around your home. By
“batteries”, we mean crystals, stones, and symbols that resonate at a high frequency.
You have an energy field and when that field comes into contact with a space, it tries to attune
itself to the space in order to experience it fully. When you keep high frequency items in your
space it helps keep your energies high and absorb the positive energy around you.
Lastly, in order to be able to properly absorb positive energy you must be able to let go of the
negative. This can be achieved through salt baths, which purge negative energy from your
body’s field.
Using oracle energy cards is also another great way to work with tough emotions or thoughts
and learn ways to overcome them. As you do this, you’re strengthening your energy field and
clearing away any blockages that may prevent you from cultivating positivity.

Cleanse Your Living Space

As mentioned previously, keeping energy crystals or stones around your home is a great way to
cleanse the space. The longer the stones sit in your home, the longer they have to transmute
any negative energy that resides there.
Another excellent way to cleanse your space is by tidying up! Yes, cleaning your home does
actually energetically cleanse your space.
All items contain etheric attachments. These attachments become tangled and intertwined when
you have clutter and uncleanliness.

This creates negative energy portals that pop up all over your home until you remove them. In
order to remove them properly, with your intent, clean your space and remove the negative
energy as you tidy up.
Other cleansing tools include sage or palo santo, ethically sourced of course. By burning these
items, the smoke penetrates all negative energies, transmutes them, and welcomes in positivity.


Conscious living is more than being away from your own thoughts and actions. It’s about being
away from how you use your energy to either promote positivity or negativity, both internally and
By incorporating powerful art, energy crystals, and cleansing tools into your practice, you have
the power to remove all negative barriers and challenges that prevent you from experiencing
your best life yet.

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