Tap Into The Power of Mandala Healing

Are you searching for the answers to the universe? These answers exist all around you, waiting
for you to uncover them and interpret their powerful messages. Mandalas are a visual
representation of the universe, expressing profound energies and truths that you can use to
empower your life.
There are many ways to incorporate mandals into your practice, but first you must understand
what they are and how they work. In this article, you’ll learn the origins of mandalas, the different
interpretations of them, and how to use them in your daily life and in meditation.

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a word you’ve likely heard, but maybe unsure of what it truly means. If you’ve
wondered “what are mandalas?”, let’s dive into what they are.
The word mandala originates from the Sanskrit language and means“circle”. Mandalas are
intricate pieces of artwork, designed to be a snapchat of the universe energetically. Mandalas
originated in Buddhism as were spread throughout Asia by monks, becoming important symbols
in various religions.

These symbols contain a circular image encapsulated within a square. The intricate design of a
mandala revolves around a central focus point, which represents the source of the universe.
Mandalas are found throughout history in architecture and art and used for meditative and
spiritual enlightenment.
By now you may be wondering “What do mandalas represent?”. There are meanings behind
mandalas, each with their own unique energy.
There are mandalas that are intended to teach the viewer of universal truth and law. These
images help you better understand the foundation of life and how to navigate the energy that
you experience.
Mandalas can also be used for healing. By incorporating these into your life, you bring in their
energies and allow them to break up stagnation or transmute negative energy.

The Healing Power of Mandala Art Therapy

Mandala art is more than an ancient tradition, it’s a way to transform and empower your soul.
Mandala art has the potential to raise your consciousness and allow you to access universal
understanding. Working with these images ignites your spiritual journey and forces your
consciousness to expand, allowing room for higher frequency information and experiences to be
Using mandala art therapy is used to alleviate or help understand where you’re at in life. If
there’s an emotion you’re unable to overcome or a life experience that has been challenging,
you or a professional will administer mandala art for you to color. As you use your creative
energies you’re tapping into the imagery and the energy needed for you to overcome your

How Can You Tap Into the Power of Mandalas?

There’s many ways you can incorporate mandalas into your daily practice.

Coloring Mandalas

Coloring mandalas is one of the best ways to get to know these beautiful shapes. You can find
mandalas to color online or in color books. mandala coloring books contain a large selection of
mandalas, allowing you to choose your own unique colors and illustrate them in your own
Mandala drawings are like a meditative practice of its own as you concentrate on each of the
intricate components of the design and absorb the energy that it contains.

Oracle Cards

Are you searching for spiritual guidance? Consider adding a mandala oracle deck to your
practice. The Gaialit Oracle Deck consists of painted energy stones. These stones contain
unique mandalas alongside powerful messages that can help guide you in times of uncertainty
or when you’ve run low on hope or inspiration.


Did you know you can wear mandalas to access their energies? Mandala symbols resonate at a
high frequency, regardless of the form they come in.
Wearing these symbols throughout the day is a powerful way to transform your own life and
connect to the universe. A mandala pendant, for example, allows you to wear a specific
mandala throughout the day and carry its energy with you everywhere you go.

Healing Stones

Another excellent way to work with mandalas is through stone or crystal work. Stones and
crystals carry a piece of the earth and are energetic batteries that charge the mandala placed
upon them.
Using a mandala healing stone hyper charges its energy and allows you to tap into more readily.
Carry one of these stones with you in your pocket or bag throughout the day, or place them in
your home or office. You can also hold these stones while you meditate to assist with universal
Here are a few examples of Mandala Stones:
● Cosmic Tides – purification of water and consciousness.
● Expansion – generates new energy and movement.
● Firewalk – promotes courage.
● Gaia Royal – represents mother earth’s energy.
● Lemuria – contains the energy of ancient wisdom and healing.
● Love Is The Way – to experience oneness.
● Samurai – promotes calmness and staying true to values.
● Spring Portal – contains the energy of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal.
● The Druid – represents a sacred circle and enables communication with elemental
● The Magician – represents the energy of exploring one’s inner world.
● The Shaman – promotes communication with totem animals and spiritual guides.
● Violet Flame – promotes spiritual development.
● Water Dragons – contains the power of water and promotes intuition and inner wisdom.

Mandala Meditation: Incorporating Art into Your Practice

Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with mandalas. Because the imagery was
created as a reflection of the universe, it contains powerful truths that sometimes can’t
be put into words.
Fortunately, you can use the power of your unconscious mind, the aspect of you that’s
fully connected to the universe, and download the mandala’s energy unconsciously.

  1. Find a picture of a mandala, whether it be on a poster, an oracle card, or on a
    crystal stone.
  2. Get in a comfortable position and place the mandala in front of your view.
  3. Stare deep into the mandala’s imagery while clearing your mind.
  4. While your mind is completely at ease, keep your eyes locked on the mandala.
  5. Imagine the mandala radiating energy. See and feel this energy coming toward
  6. Breathe in the energy with each breath and feel it penetrate your cells.
  7. After a while, you’ll begin to understand the mandala’s meaning on a deeper
    level, as the picture’s imagery and pattern activates your unconscious mind and
    brings it to the surface of the conscious.


If you’re looking for an easy and creative way to tap into the universe, there’s no better
way than through incorporating mandalas into your daily life. Anyone can use these
images, whether it’s through artwork, healing stones, oracle cards, or mandala drawings
color therapy.
Invite these symbols into your space and watch as they open your mind and perception,
allowing you to understand yourself and the universe at large on a deeper level.

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