A tool for personal transformation and a book of wisdom

A MESSAGE FROM ALCAZAR (The Stargate Experience)

Beloved Ones, this uniquely designed Oracle offers two entrance
ways to the Quantum Field. The beauty of this channeled work of art, which has been very carefully connected to the Elements of the Earth, and the depth of insight and understanding that is brought with the words can open a doorway for you to experience the Quantum.

Alcazar (channeled by Prageet Harris)

Dear Ones, this unique deck supports your grand alliance with the energies of the Universe. Your consciousness comes from the Elementals and the Stars, and those who have been around even as your Earth cooled. Encoded within these cards, this energy is still there, waiting to give you wisdom, extended life, and advice that will soothe the sacred peace of your mind and soul.

Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll)

Oracle tarot

Unlocking Wisdom: The Fascinating World of Oracle Cards

This unique deck of oracle cards combines artistic interpretation of energy through hand-painted stones and quantum astrology. It is designed to offer deep insights into personal destiny and practical answers to everyday questions. It will help you to move through life with more awareness, strength, grace and elegance. The fusion of the Celestial and the Elemental, never before considered, provides an entirely new dimension in the understanding of life. Learn more about oracle cards

Attuning To The Quantum – online presentation with Prageet and Julieanne, The Stargate Experience

Each card contains

Symbols of the planet in one of the 4 elements (fire, earth, air, water) that carry ancient wisdom and deep esoteric knowledge.

Powerful mandala energy code that reflects a very specific frequency. The artistically painted stone represents both a tool for transformation and a visual impulse to connect with that frequency.

A title that simply summarizes the answer to your question.

Deep insights and practical instructions

In addition to the interpretation of individual energies, the attached booklet also describes a number of uses. No prior astrological knowledge is required. The content of the booklet expands the meaning of each individual card and activates our multidimensional consciousness.

Example: Venus in Water

Water is an element of sensitivity, imagination and psychic energy. If you want to develop or attract a love relationship, as well as charm, peace, elegance, beauty and balance, we recommend working with all four Venus cards.

Some insights into this card

Title: Sensitivity 

“The situation you are facing is best approached with a deep psychic sensitivity to the feelings of others. …”

“In your relationships, your standards should be high. Being dignified, emotionally demonstrative, romantic,
inspirational and devoted assists you greatly in resolving the situation you face. … ”

How to ask a question – examples:

  • “What is the best attitude in this situation?”
  • “What pitfalls should I avoid in these circumstances?”
  • “How can I best approach this issue?”
  • “What are my strongest character traits?”
  • “What are my weaknesses?”
  • “What attitude will help me the most today?”
  • “What does this situation teach me?”
  • “What is my life purpose?”

Book covers & Oracle Cards Specifications


a booklet (112 pages) with the interpretation of individual energies, 44 tarot cards with energy symbols – mandalas and a hard box with two cutouts on the edges of the lid for easier opening.

Energy symbols

4 Elements (fire, earth, air, water)
4 x 10 celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in all Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)



Danijel is an artist who feels in touch with the world beyond the veil, a designer and interpreter of energy. He uniquely combines the beauty of natural stone with a hand-painted mandala. He draws inspiration directly from the pulse of Mother Earth. His artistic expressions are interpretations of the energy of the earth elements, which intertwine and merge with each other. He is the creator of Gaialit  a unique blend between natural stone and a hand-painted energy symbol (mandala).


Michelle is a world-renowned astrologer, lecturer and shaman, initiated in Peru by Master Q’ero Pacos. She is the author of the groundbreaking book Astrology for Enlightenment (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, NY). Kryon said in a public channeled message through Lee Carroll (Laguna Beach, November 29, 2009) that “she is a master of astrology, the first to bring Quantum astrology to this planet. When she is not traveling the world, teaching and lecturing, she lives in France, Finland and Arizona in the USA

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