Contact with the Energy of Earth

GAIALIT is a flat stone with a hand-painted unique symbol of one of the basic forces that created it (earth, water, fire, air). Its purpose is to support the individual in reconnecting with nature, with Gaia – Mother Earth.  Learn more about gaialit stones

Water Air Earth Fire

By combining the four elements, it is possible to create a specific energy symbol on a stone, attuned to the unique energy of a particular person. It is called “Personalized Gaialit”.

gaialit stones representing the art and conscious sense of life.
Four elements

Grounding in Earth: Connecting to Stability and Nourishment

Fire, earth, water and air dance at the elementary level in the creative process of eternal, complementary cooperation and shape the creative process of life. Interpretation of this energy through visual symbols – mandalas tells the stories of elements in various forms and meanings, thus illustrating the movement of energy, which is never expressed in the same way as moments of life, which may be similar but never exactly the same. Through them, we can also connect with the energy of Earth, Gaia, in our own, individual way. Shop our wall calender for 2024 and kickstart your year on a high energy note!

We are all part of Mother EARTH


The energy of the earth makes it possible to embody oneself as a whole being. A strong connection to earth energies is crucial for so-called grounding. The quality of our experience depends on the frequency of our energy. Grounded, we find it easier to access the different high vibrations of our frequency (higher self) and direct our energy towards creating the desired results.


When well grounded, we are in better contact with our body and find it easier to feel intuitive messages coming directly from our source and integrate them. As we are becoming aware of our inner guidance, we also naturally align ourselves with the principles of our true nature, which guides us step by step in the direction of personal evolution.


All stones are different. When we touch a rock, we can feel its delicate and unique surface under our fingers. As a phisical contact with the stone removes excess negative charge from the body, a visual contact transmits balanced energy of the Earth back into it. Thus, on a subtle level, the connection between our and the earth’s energy takes place.

Fire Earth Air Water

Connect with the four-elements through an unique personalized energy symbol.



Earth is an element in which passive and active energy is in total balance so it represents stability. It gathers energy and then radiates it; therefore, we associate it with fertility. Its positive principle is reflected in gentleness and calm, persistent decisiveness. 



Water is an element of purification, renewal and life energy transmission. It holds endless creative possibilities and leads us to the source. It enables self-reflection and our journey within. It gives support at the time of  aparent stillness, when we make plans for the road ahead.



Air is an element of spirituality and connection between the Heaven and the Earth, between an idea and its manifestation. It is intangible, constantly in movement; therefore, it represents movement in general terms, connection and maturity.



Fire is an element of transformation. It represents active light to raise awareness of the messages of our super consciousness which help us gradually shed light on and release subconscious energy of fear, being connected to the heart. It’s three expressions are: passion, spirit and intuitive knowledge.


“Gaialit is much more than a stone. It establishes a connection on an incredible level. The one I have on my own reflects the sacred healing energy of the ancient site of New Grange in Ireland, which is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. "

G. LYONS | Ireland

“These are sacred stones. I have two Gaialits bearing symbols of fire and air. They provide answers to all my questions. This is something that cannot be described in words. "

J. P. | Slovenija

The Gaialit stone is a transformational tool of new energy. In the same way as the Stargate. People who allow this energy to touch them can change their lives and the changes can be immediate. "

Guide - Stargate

“Thank you very much for your message and wonderful symbol. He tells me a lot. So complicated and so wonderful! I adore him!

S. C. | Spain

“It’s like the mandala is bridging into energy spaces that I knew I had, but I’ve never connected with. The best way to describe this is that it was a powerful energy bridging activity. And then I read the meaning. That watered my eyes. But the meaning was already conveyed in the picture and the words were just a confirmation of my feelings. "

E. B. | Hawaii
life coach

"O MY GOD! I was left speechless ... Wonderful. The word 'amazing' doesn't even come close to what I would like to describe..."

V. G. | United Kingdom
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