Transformation Magnet Set


  • Uniquely selected Earth Elements on Magnets, perfect gift.
  • Elements: FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER
  • print on flexible magnetic sheet
  • Ships worldwide from Slovenia.

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FIRE – Transformation

The symbol is an interpretation of a Phoenix, shining bright on 2 levels – the mind and the soul, causing the physical reality to change. It represents the force of complete transformation on all three levels, mental, emotional and physical. Significantly more powerful than change, a transformation does not allow to slip back into the patterns of the old.

EARTH – The Druid 2

The symbol represents a sacred circle formed by elves and druids, to protect, communicate and work with the elemental beings of nature. They hold the sacred vibration of life and rejuvenation of our planet. The symbol is a reminder to get more in touch with the sacred energies of Mother Nature and to honour different invisible realms that still coexist with us on another level.

AIR – Air Dragons

An Air Dragon can guide by offering insight, inspiration and clarity to our thought and imagination. It can assist in large flashes of illumination in psyche and intellect. He is a reminder to trust the inner voice.

WATER – Flow

The pattern of this symbol represents an everlasting flow of energy. Following it with your mind, you encourage cleansing and movement, where the energy might have been stuck. The flow is a symbol of purification and evolution.

Weight 15 g

Earth, Water, Fire, Air

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