Personalized Gaialit Creations for a Unique Connection to Nature

Handmade and Unique


Starting the process of creating a personalized symbol  is an intuitive, sacred and very intimate process.

Experiencing the peaceful moment of going to the river  and feeling the peace of  nature around me, while being surrounded with thousands of different shapes and colours. 

And there is this sensation of mystery, as if something important and precious is about to be revealed. I walk slowly. And then I see it, a rock standing out from the rest, radiating a specific energy, inviting, like we would know each other from ancient times. 


Many times the stones have some imperfection, which would make them hard to paint on. So this has to be hand-sanded away because the whole surface has to be smooth, so the brush can glide effortlessly. 

The parts that will not be painted on stay as natural as possible. It is very interesting, how some stones resonate with some people. Actually there is a perfect stone for everyone.

So when somebody wants his personalized GAIALIT, it is important to choose a stone that can match the energy of the person.


The symbol is revealed through a process, felt as highest excitement, where I connect with the  specific energy of a person on a level beyond the mind and start to “walk with the line”. It is a miraculous world I slip in and the known world disappears.

I can feel the presence of the specific person during the process and it is almost like her higher self would cooperate with me. I never know in advance, what direction the line will take, until I see it drawn. And during the process I usualy receive a message which gives an insight of a person’s true being, who they really are beyond learned personality and filters. 

Personal symbol

The finished symbol is a mandala, representing a unique purified energy potential of the individual person. Even just a visual contact with this image can help restore harmony and balance of energy on deeper levels.

As finished, the Gaialit mandala is protected with a thin coating of oil. At the same time, it gives the stone a wet look, which puts its true colors to the forefront.

The personalized symbol, also called “Portrait of the higher self”, carries an overall frequency of the individual, which is not limited only by the physical-material level of existence. As such, it offers comprehensive energy support on all levels and connects you to your true nature, which is part of the Nature of life itself.

Water Air Earth Fire

The four elements together can also create a special energy symbol that represents the energy of a particular person. It is a personalized Gaialit.

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