Pendant “Expansion” on Angel Aura Quartz

Pendant “Expansion” on Angel Aura Quartz


  • Uniquely selected stone and 3D printed symbol necklace pendant, perfect gift.
  • Element: AIR
  • Materials: semi precious stone, UV hardening ink, brass.
  • Ships worldwide from Slovenia.


Each pendant is unique, the stone shape and pattern varies from sample to sample.



  • Slovenia: 2.1 €
  • Worldwide: 5.5 €

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GAIALIT Pendants are semi-precious stones with SYMBOLS OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS. The Symbols are first created as intuitive hand-paintings to the Gaialit Stones and then applied to pendants with a special 3D printing technique that allows for a slightly raised, embossed Symbol. Wearing a pendant helps you to ground and/or support your personal energies and reconnect to the elemental energies of the Planet.

AIR SYMBOL “Expansion”

MEANING OF THE SYMBOL: The symbol represents the generating of new energy and new movement. Balancing and harmonizing two different energies which are opposite and seemingly in contradiction to each other always creates new movement and new opportunities. As when warm and cold air collides, wind is produced as new movement. This symbol helps harmonizing masculine and feminine aspects of personal energy, stepping out of the box, generating new ideas and bringing the quality of life towards more freedom

Angel Aura Quartz

This stone was created by exposing a Quarz to extreme heat and then a coating it with a blend of metals, such as gold, platinum, silver etc. It has an extremely high vibration that fills with joy, and uplifting energy.


  • helping with overcoming feelings of distress
  • assisting in the complete evaluation and transformation of ones current life
  • increasing your daily energy and lifts the mood
  • cleansing the hearth energy
  • vibrating very high

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