Firewalk Magnet Set


  • Uniquely selected Earth Elements on Magnets, perfect gift.
  • Elements: FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER
  • print on flexible magnetic sheet
  • Ships worldwide from Slovenia.

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FIRE – Fire Walk

represents a ritual of courage, performed in many cultures. It depicts fire spirits in cooperation with human intention to perform a personal ritual.
The purpose of Fire walking is to overcome fear and symbolically burn away the old to make room for new energy on a higher level.
Fire walking isn’t just a mind-over-matter process. Walking over hot coals is a symbolic experience that gives people the courage to take on any challenge. After all, if they can make it through the fire, they can make it through anything.

EARTH – The Druid 

represents a sacred circle formed by elves and druids, to protect, communicate and work with the elemental beings of nature. They hold the sacred vibration of life and rejuvenation of our planet.
The symbol is a reminder to get more in touch with the sacred energies of Mother Nature and to honour different invisible realms that still coexist with us on another level.

AIR – Expansion

represents generating new energy and new movement. Balancing and harmonizing two different energies which are opposite and seemingly in contradiction to each other always creates new movement and new opportunities. As when warm and cold air collides, wind is produced as new movement.
This symbol helps harmonizing masculine and feminine aspects of personal energy, stepping out of the box, generating new ideas and bringing the quality of life towards more freedom

WATER – Cosmic Tides

represents a code of pure, pristine water, found in mountain springs, that is not yet burdened with the pollution of the human civilization. The water has just been born and it spreads its pure energy in concentric circles. Around them is a circle of the moon phases.
The symbol is a reminder for us to call upon our true self. The moon phase represents the cosmic rhythm and encourages harmonizing our own rhythms with the cosmic ones. It also encourages being more aware of the intuitive messages of our higher self.

Weight 15 g

Earth, Water, Fire, Air

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