Gaialit Stone – Cosmic Tides

Gaialit Stone – Cosmic Tides


“Made to order. Size, shape and color of the stone might vary from order to order. Acording to the energy of the stone, also the finished new symbol can be slightly different from the one presented, while still representing the same energy. ”

  • HANDMADE, uniquely selected and hand-painted stone, transformational energy tool.
  • Gaialit Stone-basic, element: WATER
  • Materials: acrylic paint, natural oils, stone, rock.
  • Ships worldwide from Ljubljana, Slovenia (the price does not include shipping).


  • Slovenia: included in the price.
  • Europe:
    • up to 2000 g, the additional price is 17.00 €.
    • from 2000 g – 5000 g, the additional price is 25.00 €.
    • from 6000 g – 10000 g, the additional price is 31.00 €.
  • USA, Canada & other:
    • up to 2000 g, the additional price is 39.00 €.
    • from 2000 g – 5000 g, the additional price is 45.00 €.
    • from 6000 g – 10000 g, the additional price is 52.00 €.


This hand painted water symbol is called Cosmic Tides. The COSMIC TIDES GAIALIT® stone represents a code of pure, pristine water, found in mountain springs, that is not yet burdened with the pollution of the human civilization. The water has just been born and it spreads its pure energy in concentric circles. Around them is a circle of the moon phases.
The symbol is a reminder for us to call upon our true self. The moon phase represents the cosmic rhythm and encourages harmonizing our own rhythms with the cosmic ones. It also encourages being more aware of the intuitive messages of our higher self.

GAIALIT is a river, sea or earth stone (collected on special power places) carrying a hand painted unique Symbol of one of the elemental forces which co-created it (earth, water, fire, air). Its purpose is to support mankind in reconnecting to nature, to Gaia – Mother Earth. Every Gaialit stone is unique by its design and the four different symbols are NEVER painted the SAME. They evolve during the process. The stone speaks to the artist and guides him until the symbol fits the energy of the stone. No matter how you use it – the Gaialit will always look perfect and will strongly represent the chosen energy of the specific element for you.


WATER is an element of purification, renewal and life energy transmission. It holds endless creative possibilities and leads us to the source. It enables self reflection and our journey within. It gives support at the time of apparent stillness when we make plans for the road ahead. It fits the North, it is connected to winter and its organs are bladder and kidney.

It is free and connected to wisdom. Therefore, it symbolizes spiritual life and carries the core message of unity.


Additional information

Weight 1595 g
Dimensions 17 × 14.5 cm


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