Our products are designed to help in creating elemental contact with the energy of nature and through this discover our unique source connection. The symbols of the Earth elements (earth, water, fire and air) are first intuitively designed and hand-painted on stones. They incorporate sacred geometry and radiate strong positive energy.


Hand-painted mandalas on Gaialit stones represent the four elements (earth, fire, water, air), but they can also be personalized and represent the unique energy of an individual person. Their purpose is to offer support in establishing a deeper connection with nature and oneself, and they can be used in meditation work and other processes of personal transformation.
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Gaialit pendants are semi-precious stones on which mandalas of earth elements are imprinted with a special 3D printing technique, which enables the production of a slightly raised, embossed symbol. The properties of these crystals can support the positive astrological aspects of an individual, ground him and strengthen his personal energy, and in combination with mandalas create a strong spiritual connection with the elemental energies of the planet.
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A set of mandalas with the display of four elemental energies on magnets can adorn the metal surfaces of your home and represent a visual reminder to make contact with the energy of Mother Earth. It can also be a great gift for anyone you love and want to brighten their day. You can choose from three different sets, each containing four magnets with different displays of fire, earth, water and air.
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Oracle wisdom deck

This unique card deck combines an artistic interpretation of energy through hand-painted energy symbols on stones and quantum astrology. It offers a deep insight into personal destiny and practical answers to everyday questions. It will help you move through life more consciously. The fusion of the Celestial and the Elemental provides a whole new dimension in the understanding of life.
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Handwriting still represents a special and intimate charm. And just as we are unique ourselves, so should our notebook. In the style of products inspired by Gaialit stone paintings, we developed a “stone notebook”. The covers are made of unique pieces of stone veneer obtained from natural stone, printed with various energy mandalas of earth energies.
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All of our T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and carry symbols of Earth Elements, carefully designed according to the laws of the individual elemental energies they represent. Organic cotton T-shirts not only evoke a pleasant and comfortable feeling, but also help the individual to express a conscious intention to connect with fire, earth, air or water and embody these energies.
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