Our products are designed to be a constant personal reminder of the willingness to work and shift with the new energy of the Planet in order to create a sustainable future. As much as possible all products are made from natural materials and in ethical production environment. The symbols of the Earth Elements are intuitively channeled and hand painted at first and then transmitted on different applications. They include sacred geometry and each element caries the energy they represent (earth, water, fire and air). The value of each product is not just material as a decor it caries a measurable energy represented through the symbol.


The hand-painted Gaialit stone Mandalas represent the four elements (earth, fire, water, air) but can also be personalized and represent the unique energy of an individual. Their purpose is to offer support in establishing a deeper connection with Nature and Oneself. Already having an artistic value, they are also personal transformational tools.
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Gaialit Pendants are semi-precious stones with a special 3D printing technique that allows for a slightly raised, embossed symbol. Wearing a pendant helps you to reconnect to the elemental energies of the Planet, ground them and support your personal transformation.
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Uniquely selected Earth Elements Mandalas on Magnets, perfect gift for anyone you love and care about. you can choose from three different sets, each containing four magnets with different displays of fire, earth, water and air energies.
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Oracle card deck - Attuning to the Quantum

This card deck is an Oracle, a tool for personal transformation and a book of wisdom. It combines channeled rock art and astrological guidance, and is designed to give you deep answers in regard to your personal destiny. It can assist you in facing the challenges of your life with grace and elegance. This unique deck is the result of a collaboration between Danijel Trstenjak, the author of the Gaialit stone energy Mandalas, and Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S., a world-renowned Quantum Astrologer.
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Unique notebook with Earth Elements printed on a natural stone veneer cover. Specifically chosen symbols remind and connect us more strongly to the earth energies.
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Our T-shirts are all made from 100% organic cotton and carry the symbols of the Earth Elements, carefully designed in accordance with the laws of the individual elemental energies they represent. Wearing the organic T-shirt is not just comfortable it’s a conscious approach to connecting with nature.
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