Pendant “The Druid” on Green Fluorite


  • Uniquely selected stone and 3D printed symbol necklace pendant, perfect gift.
  • Element: EARTH
  • Materials: semi precious stone, UV hardening ink, brass.
  • Ships worldwide from Slovenia.


Each pendant is unique, the stone shape and pattern varies from sample to sample.


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GAIALIT Pendants are semi-precious stones with SYMBOLS OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS. The Symbols are first created as intuitive hand-paintings to the Gaialit Stones and then applied to pendants with a special 3D printing technique that allows for a slightly raised, embossed Symbol. Wearing a pendant helps you to ground and/or support your personal energies and reconnect to the elemental energies of the Planet.



The symbol represents a sacred circle formed by elves and druids, to protect, communicate and work with the elemental beings of nature. They hold the sacred vibration of life and rejuvenation of our planet. The symbol is a reminder to get more in touch with the sacred energies of Mother Nature and to honour different invisible realms that still coexist with us on another level.

Green Fluorite

Guides towards a peaceful state of being. It is a stone of growth and renewal. Helps us to connect with nature.


  • clears chaotic and negative thoughts
  • absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress
  • helps with detoxification and energizes all chakras
  • guides you to make big wishes, puts you in touch with the hearths deepest desires
  • boosts your imagination
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 35 × 5 × 45 cm

Pendant “The Druid” on Green Fluorite

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