Gaialit Stone – Lemuria

Gaialit Stone – Lemuria


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We are glad that you like the symbols on the stones. Contact us via the form below to order this product. This product is unique and not available for direct purchase.  Read more in Description below. After we receive your inquiry, we'll contact you with the details.


    • HANDMADE, uniquely selected and hand-painted stone, transformational energy tool.
    • Element: WATER – EARTH
    • Materials: acrylic paint, natural oils, stone, rock.
    • Ships worldwide from Slovenia.

    This GAIALIT stone with the hand painted water-earth combined symbol is called LEMURIA. It represents the energy of ancient wisdom and healing, connecting us back to our human heritage of high conscious co-existing with nature, while awakening our memory of comming here from the stars.


    Despite the fact that the shape and energy of the new symbol will be similar to the symbol in the picture, the symbol will not be identical, as it will be on another stone, to which it will have to be subtly adjusted. It is a unique product that is always created through an intuitive, channeled process.

    After the process is complete,  you will receive a photo of the newly created Gaialit. Payment from you is made only after the process is completed, if you like the final product.


    • Slovenia: included in the price.
    • Europe:
      • up to 2000 g, the additional price is 17.00 €.
      • from 2000 g – 5000 g, the additional price is 25.00 €.
      • from 6000 g – 10000 g, the additional price is 31.00 €.
    • USA, Canada & other:
      • up to 2000 g, the additional price is 39.00 €.
      • from 2000 g – 5000 g, the additional price is 45.00 €.
      • from 6000 g – 10000 g, the additional price is 52.00 €.

    GAIALIT is a river, sea or earth stone (collected on special power places) carrying a hand painted unique Symbol of one of the elemental forces which co-created it (earth, water, fire, air). Its purpose is to support mankind in reconnecting to nature, to Gaia – Mother Earth. Every Gaialit stone is unique by its design and the four different symbols are NEVER painted the SAME. They evolve during the process. The stone speaks to the artist and guides him until the symbol fits the energy of the stone. No matter how you use it, the Gaialit will always look perfect and will strongly represent the chosen energy of the specific element for you.



    Additional information

    Weight 1500-2500 g
    Dimensions 13-20 × 13-20 cm