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NEURO – REFLEX THERAPY, where the old ancient wisdom meets modern science. Techniques developed by Lone Sorensen and inspired of ancient techniques from different cultures. Always with the aim to offer very effective and natural methods to help Health – and Rehabilitation issuers.

The methods Lone Sorensen use are based on different Micro- systems with scientific research behind; Dr. Yamamoto, (YNSA), Japan, Dr. Castillo Morales, Argentina, Dr. Wong, USA, Dr. Chau, Vietnam, Maria Perez, Argentina, Dr. J. Bossy, France (Lone Sorensen Foot & Facial Reflex therapy sorensensistemTM).


Bipolar Reflex Therapy combines Foot and Facial Reflex Therapy stimulating very specific reflex areas, points, face and feet to influence all over the endocrine system and the brain in natural way the functioning of the main glands Pituitary and the Hypothalamus and all the hormonal system. With this manual method, it is possible to regulate ovaries, adrenals, testicles, thyroids and pancreas and balance the glands in order to make them produce a normal number of hormones.

Can be defined as a reflex technique based on the neuro bio-chemical action resulting from the stimulation of an area or point on the face and foot which has a general or partial effect on various areas of the entire body.

It balances all hormones in our body and brain which is further on influencing on our neurobiological processes and neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline and releases anti stress hormones.

Traumas and emotions saved in the cellular memory of the body, limbic system and in Amygdala also could be released. With emptying Amygdala our brain functions can work in more optimal way.

Bipolar Reflex Therapy also stimulate the flow through the nerve system and building up the new wirings in the brain. It’s cleansing the whole body system and the body becomes more in balance.

You can use this method for a variety of ailments and symptoms, such as: trauma releases, depression, neuro – psychological & brain diseases, organ related symptoms, muscle pain and tension, stress related symptoms, hormonal imbalances, emotional imbalances…


This is a perfect combination of deep relaxation of your body and soul. Starting therapy with the short Stargate meditation prepares all of our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) to relax deeply and bathe in the high frequencies created by the Stargate conscious sacred geometric form. During the meditation a strong multi-dimensional energy field is created.

This benevolent energy field works in a very unique way and supports energetically the whole process of the bipolar reflex therapy that follows. Working on manual and energetic level of our Beingness gives an individual a whole new level of experience. The therapy is held in sacred, safe space with beautiful relaxing music.


The therapy is held in sacred, safe space with beautiful relaxing music. Enjoy the experience, enjoy new you! For more information and free dates register now.  Every next therapy is 10.00 € cheaper than the first one. Registration is required.

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If you need any kind of additional information, feel free to call us. We are here to help you on your journey to personal growth.

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What people say?

“Immediately when therapy has started I have fallen into deep relaxation. I felt pleasant movements and flow throughout my body. The next day all kind of repressed emotions came into the surface.

I cried a lot but felt a deep, deep relieve. I didn’t felt any tensions in my tissues anymore and my thoughts were much clearer. Looking forward for the next experience.”

Andreja | Slovenia


Sandra Lamut is a certificated therapist of the Bipolar Reflex Therapy developed by Lone Sorensen.