Connected to Earth Energies

GAIALIT is a river, sea or earth stone (collected on special power places) carrying a hand painted unique Symbol of one of the elemental forces which co-created it (earth, water, fire, air). Its purpose is to support mankind in reconnecting to nature, to Gaia – Mother Earth.

Every Gaialit stone is unique by its design and the four different symbols of Earth elements are NEVER painted the SAME.  

Combined in a harmonious way, the four elements can form a special energy symbol that represents the energy of a specific person. This is a Personalized Gaialit. It is a channeled synergetic creation between the artist, the stone and the individuals higher self. The process can last for several weeks, until the symbol fits the personal energy vibration of the person it is made for. 



Strong connection to the earth energies is of key importance for the so-called grounding. How positive our experience of the physical world is depends on how high the level of our energy. When grounded, we can successfully anchor higher frequencies in our life and direct energy into creating desirable results.


When well grounded, we are enabled to integrate the messages of our higher self or higher awareness (consciousness) into our daily life, they are “brought to awareness”. Awareness also means the recognition of the inner guidance which is important for our mission in life, and will always take us in the direction.


When holding the Gaialit, we can feel its unique surface, as all stones are different. At the same time, our touching of the stone releases excessive negative charge from the body. Our sense of connection to individual energy (and consequently – individual stone) can be influenced by our star sign defining us at birth.



Earth is an element in which passive and active energy is in total balance so it represents stability. It gathers energy and then radiates it; therefore, we associate it with fertility. Its positive principle is reflected in gentleness and calm, persistent decisiveness. Helps with relationships and our missions.


Water is an element of purification, renewal and life energy transmission. It holds endless creative possibilities and leads us to the source. It enables self-reflection and our journey within. It gives support at the time of apparent stillness, when we make plans for the road ahead.


Fire is an element of transformation. It represents active light to raise awareness of the messages of our super consciousness which help us gradually shed light on and release subconscious energy of fear. Connected to the heart. It's three expressions: passion, spirit and intuitive knowledge.


Air is an element of spirituality and connection between the Heaven and the Earth, between an idea and its manifestation. It is intangible, constantly in movement; therefore, it represents movement in general terms, connection and maturity.

What people say?

“Gaialit is much more than a stone. It establishes a connection on an incredible level. The one that I have with the symbol of the earth element reflects sacred healing energy of an ancient site New Grange in Ireland which is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.”

G. LYONS | Healer | Ireland
“These are sacred stones. I have two Gaialits carrying the symbols of fire and air. They provide answers to all of my questions. This is something that can’t be described in words.”

J. P. | Slovenia
“A Gaialit stone is a transformational tool of the new energy. In the same way as the Stargate. People who allow to be touched by this energy can transform their lives and change can be immediate.”

Alcazar | The Stargate Experience guide



Starting the process of creating a personalized symbol  is an intuitive, sacred and very intimate process.

I go to the river alone and feel the peace of the nature around me, asking for permission to be there and to take with me some of the rocks that want to come, being surrounded with thousands of different shapes and colours. 

And there is this sensation of mystery, as if something important and precious is about to be revealed. I walk slowly. And then I see it, standing out from the rest, radiating a specific energy, like we would know each other from ancient times. 


Many times the stones have some imperfection, which would make them hard to paint on. So this has to be hand-sanded away because the whole surface has to be smooth, so the brush can glide effortlessly. 

The parts that will not be painted on stay as natural as possible. 

It is very interesting, how some stones resonate with some people. Actually there is a perfect stone for everyone.

So when somebody wants his personalized GAIALIT, it is important to choose a stone that can match the energy of the person.


The symbol is revealed through a process of highest excitement, where I connect with the energy of a person on a level beyond the mind and start to “walk with the line”. It is a miraculous world I slip in and the known world disappears.

I can feel the presence of the specific person during the process and it is almost like her higher self would cooperate with me. I never know in advance, what direction the line will take, until I see it drawn. And during the process I receive a message for the person also. It gives an insight of a person’s true being, who they really are beyond filters. What is their soul mission and purpose in this lifetime.


The finished symbol is a mandala of the person s higher consciousness and just the visual contact with this image can help in re-creating harmony and balance of the energy on deeper levels.

A finished Gaialit is coated with a mixture of oils. This preserves the stone and the symbol, but also gives the stone a wet look, that brings to the front its real colours. I like to have my Gaialits on hand made iron holders, forged in fire in a traditional way.

Some people asked me if I would still do it if I had enough money to newer work again. 

And the answer is YES. Even more. 

What people say?

“It’s as if the shape bridged in me energetically spaces I knew I had but had not connected yet. The best way I can describe it is that there was an energetic bridging activity.

And then, I read the meaning. This brought tears to my eyes. But the meaning was already transmitted in the picture and the words were only a confirmation of what I felt.”

E. B. | Hawaii
“Thank you very much for your message and the beautiful symbol. It speaks very much to me. So intricate and beautiful! I love it!”

S. C. | Spain
“OMG! I can’t say anything ... Beautiful. Amazing doesn’t even start to describe it ...”

V. G. | United Kingdom


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